Agriculture is The Most Destructive Activity On The Planet - It Is Totally Unsustainable!


We've destroyed 98% of the worlds forests and prairies mostly in the name of agriculture. Wiping out an enormous amount of habitats for living creatures, cannot remotely be considered either sustainable or ethical. Every year of mono crop farming is a further depletion of the earths precious topsoils. One year of agriculture in the US alone is the equivalent of wiping out six inches of topsoil in the whole of Iceland. After hundreds of years of mono crop cultivation, a piece of land will effectively become completely infertile.

Every single civilisation that was based and dependent on agriculture ultimately collapsed because they eventually depleted all the topsoil and starved. Most civilisations lasted between 800 to 1200 years which is precisely the time it takes to completely leach all the minerals from the soil. Mass agriculture is simply not sustainable. And remember that most of grain fed to livestock (apart from corn) is the waste product of crops grown for human consumption. Feeding cattle grain is anyhow neither natural nor healthy just as factory farming is neither natural nor ethical. What we are talking about is agriculture versus grass fed ruminants.

Eating Grains and Mono Crops Is More Cruel Than Eating Grass Fed Beef

The impact of mono crops on animal life is far worse than that of grass fed livestock. With grass fed beef in open grazing pastures, you get one death which can feed a lot people with no impact on other animals. What's more, in her lifetime, the cow on a rotational grazing system would have contributed to regenerating and reclaiming the land whereas mono crops would have depleted the soil and devastated eco systems.

If you are on a vegan diet you are killing animals in a really horrible way. Cropping is a horror show because as soon as you put a monoculture in a field you strip away all the feed so anything that was relying on it is suddenly being starved out or crushed up by the machines. Then the crop is planted so animals come back and repopulate. So the fields have to be baited to stop them destroying the crop which then kills even more animals and also kills hawks and eagles that swoop in to eat the poisoned rodents. Then the crop is harvested with a whole load more animals dying in combine harvesters and many more being killed by predators because they cannot hide . After the crop has been harvested you are left with a desert for four months. Any animal that survives will now die because there is nothing left to feed on. And then the cycle gets repeated every year. Death by cropping is a very cruel process and the quickest and most painless variant is being mauled by machinery but many more animals slowly starve to death or get poisoned by bait. Eating grass fed beef that does not rely on grains from mono crops and is more ethical than veganism.

Dying from an electrical bolt in a slaughter house seems less cruel than death by starvation or combine harvester and the animals killed from mono crop farming aren't even being used for food!!!

7.3 billion Wild Animals Are Killed Each Year In The US Alone From Mono Crop Farming

It is estimated that 7.3 billion wild animals are killed each year in the US alone from mono crop farming and that doesn't take into account the deaths from starvation after the fields are stripped and the deaths of birds that eat baited rodents.

Now That You Aware, You Are Knowingly Contributing To Animal Death

Now you have to ask yourself: 'does a mouse death carry more, less, or the same significance as the death of a cow?' If yes, then any choice that you make to eat grains is now also an intentional choice to kill animals because you are now aware of it. Until now, you didn't realise that there was any cruelty to animals associated with eating quinoa, corn, tofu or a slice of bread. But now that you know, there is no turning back - if you eat these grains you are knowingly contributing to the deaths of billions of animals. Can you now play God and decide which animals are better killed or who is doing the right thing?

There Is No Way To Sustain Soil Without Adding Back Animal Products

Any gardener knows that there is no way to keep soils fertile and alive without adding back animal products. That is why many small livestock farmers have successfully regenerated and re-wilded previously poor land by introducing rotational grazing systems. An intelligently planned grazing system can aerate the land, re-fertilising it and encouraging new growth thus repopulating it with new animals and wildlife. When annual mono crops are grown everything including the wild life gets decimated. But when livestock are introduced there's a whole bunch of other creatures that can live there too. You've got ground dwelling birds, you've got small mammals, you've got even some larger mammals. Slowly, even predators will move in, like reptiles, snakes etc. Since The perennial grasses have very deep root systems, the rain water  will be absorbed into the ground instead of running off. In grasslands, ruminants play a crucial role in maintaining the perennial grass by fertilising it, aerating it and moisturising it in the dry seasons.

"We've been improving the soil through cattle grazing for centuries as cattle aerate the soil with their hooves, fertilise it with their manure, reduce the spread of wildfires by grazing brush and promote new growth with each bite. Plus, by keeping grasslands intact instead of converting to monoculture farming or commercial/residential development, cattle help store more carbon and promote biodiversity of the soil."

successful re-wilding of the Knepp Estate in the south east using ruminants:

Savory institute reclaiming land using livestock grazing